MAY 18th - JUNE 3rd
By Norm Foster

There’s no such thing as a secret in Moose River, Maine. Not when the gossips meet for coffee every day at the local diner. Vi, Rita, Mary Ellen, and Janine are all as close as can be, and they know everybody’s business. But when Sean, a heartbroken doctor, moves in to take a temporary job at the clinic, he tips the Maritime town upside down! Want to laugh until your sides ache? Want to cry until your heart breaks? This feel-good comedy from the most-produced playwright in Canada will envelop you in a familiar warm hug that shares the relief of finding your people.

THURSDAY, JUNE 15TH, 7:00pm 


​Join us for an incredible night of mediumship as psychic medium Christopher connects attendees with their loved ones in spirit. We will gather as a group to receive messages either personal or ones to benefit us all. Evidential messages as well as healing words of love will be delivered.  Spirit communication was something he never thought he’d do. Living for many years in an extremely haunted house, this sparked his love and interest in the paranormal. After investigating an old Seminary in Maine he discovered his ability as a Psychic Medium. This led him to discover spirituality which he is now an Independent Spiritualist Minister as well as Reiki master teacher. Ever since he has studied mediumship and psychic work both independently as well taken courses at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay collage in the UK. From platform/gallery readings to personal one on ones readings, Christopher attends fairs across the country giving meaningful messages from the spirit world and sharing his knowledge of the paranormal. He is also working as a paranormal consultant for teams to help with validation. He’s currently working on book called “I F@cking knew it!” and working towards filming a web series with Toby Hartford called Soul Searching. $20 All Seats

SUMMER 2023... so far  (more shows, concerts, comedy, and events to be announced)

JUNE 5th and 6th at 7:00pm ......2 SHOWS ONLY!
​Starring Jackie Oliveri as Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Few people have had as long or as profound an impact upon the course of a nation as did Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Taken from her own words, -this is an interview that never happened. Written by award-winning playwright, Michael J. Tobin, and starring award-winning actress, Jackie Oliveri as Ruth Bader Ginsberg (see attached pictures of Jackie and as RBG), this powerful portrait of the iconic RBG is told through her own words and writings. It tells the story of Ginsburg’s personal, professional, and legal journey through snippets and excerpts of essays, opinions, interviews, and letters since her teenage years. This production brings interesting, emotional, and many unknown details of her life to the stage, eliciting a gamut of emotions for the audience. The performance is enhanced with over 150 graphics and appropriate background music. The title comes from a 2018 quote: “Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.”

JULY 18TH – AUGUST 31ST (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 7pm)
HOT FLASH! What A Feelin' 
Conceived by Michael J. Tobin

​A hilarious comedy that celebrates women of all ages (and the brave men who love them)! With non-stop, rib-tickling repartee, the ladies of Hot Flash Cafe bring a big cup full of funny fun to everyone who enters- a potpourri of sketch comedy, multimedia, song parodies, games, prizes, and surprises! Much like the old-time variety show where anything can happen (and it usually does)… these ladies are “a delightful, masterful tour de force, a bundle of high-voltage talent you certainly don’t want to miss!”

Eight “best” 10-minute comedies selected from our (covid delayed) 2021 competition will come to life for 6 shows only… and one play will be voted “the best” by each audience member after each performance. The play / playwright with the most votes after the run of the show will receive a $500 cash prize following the final performance.