We are Maine State approved.

We have met and surpassed all restrictions, guidelines and protocol.

The Footlights Theatre is going above and beyond the Maine state restrictions & guidelines to provide a safe and healthy experience at this time. 

There is no intermission during any production.

The actors perform behind glass.

The capacity of the Footlights Theatre is reduced to 25 patrons (normal capacity 75) for social distancing. The first row is 6 or more feet away from the actors and the stage itself.

We have purchased two new HEPA air purifiers with medical grade filtration for the theater, which are “on” throughout the performance.

The entire theater is professionally disinfected, sanitized, and cleaned by the cleaning service, Cintas. All theater seats, bathrooms, lobby, on stage and back stage are disinfected, sanitized and cleaned before and after every performance.

Bathrooms have flushable toilet seat covers. The bathrooms are stocked with disinfecting wipes, spray, and hand sanitizer.

The entrance door to the theater will be open 15 minutes prior to the performance. 

One person in each party will need to give their name and contact information upon entering. We will happily take temperatures with a non-contact thermometer.

Anyone who attends the show is required to wear a mask. If they do not have one, the Footlights Theatre will provide a free one.

There are no concession beverages available. You may bring your own water bottle (and must take it home with you).

OUR ACTORS have their own entrance into the theater. They each have their own dressing room. They each enter from a different side of the stage. There is never any direct contact onstage or offstage.

We closed the Footlights Theatre on March 13th, halfway through the run of a show, and with a major musical in rehearsals. It’s been beyond stressful. We survive on box office receipts, so with no show, there is no box office which means no income.  Thankfully reopening July 17 brought in some very much needed cash flow, but it's been our patrons that have been extremely generous in helping us pay the rent and utilities to keep the theater venue open with their contributions. Without them, we would have had to close permanently. The Footlights Theatre can financially survive on 25 seats at $20 per ticket. We are currently a staff of one. We can cover our expenses and keep the theater from closing with a seating capacity of 25. There will not be any extra money to save, but at least the doors will not close.