Dear Footlights Theatre Friends- 

On March 13th of last year, we shut our doors due to the pandemic. After going above and beyond Maine state protocol, restrictions, and guidelines, we reopened on July 17th. As of today, we have produced 10 shows! With a limited capacity of 25 patrons, our audiences have ranged from 25 to no one. Every cent has gone back into the theater, paying the rent and utilities. I have tirelessly stretched every resource to keep production costs low or free, without compromising quality. We continue to beat the odds and have not become a covid casualty.

But… I’m going to “bottom line” this- WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY. 

Yes, the Governor has now increased capacity but with 6-foot social distancing, our capacity does NOT increase. And, regardless, I will not increase capacity until we are ALL truly covid safe and had the opportunity to be vaccinated. I am hopeful and remain positive that we will have normalcy sometime between summer and the end of the year.

You can send a check. Or you can call with a credit card. But, please, do it today. Your contribution, no matter the amount, matters.

Personally, a year ago, I honestly never thought I’d see this one-year pandemic anniversary. I have sacrificed financially, emotionally, and physically to keep Footlights Theatre open. And- I would not change a thing, no regrets. We did it- YOU and me. We have miraculously survived. Our fight is not over but we do see the “light at the end of the tunnel” and with your help, we can and will get to the finish line and WIN!

I want to thank YOU, the patrons- my angels, for supporting me and not giving up on me… And I hope you will be able to continue that support now- although we can see some sort of normalcy in the distance, we are not there yet. The struggle continues- we have come this far… help me get to the proverbial finish line. Please share this with your family, friends, and anyone else- any amount is important.

With love and appreciation- stay safe, stay healthy… and remember, laughter IS the best medicine.

Michael J. Tobin
Executive Artistic Director
The Footlights Theatre, 190 US ROUTE 1, FALMOUTH MAINE 04105